Creating impossible moments in real-time

Cutting-edge video segmentation technology for mobile.

Changing mobile computer vision

Segmentive has developed an innovative video segmentation technology for retail mobile devices that empowers users to intelligently remove themselves from live backgrounds to be transported into a scene of their choice.

Physical and digital worlds are seamlessly fused in real-time to create unique, eye-catching video content that can be instantly shared or streamed in any format, without the need for post-production processing, infrared sensors or additional depth information.

Segmentive Close €2m Seed Round

Cutting-edge technology aims to push boundaries of whole-body segmentation in real-time and on mobile.

Bringing mixed reality to mobile

Share unique content instantly

Segmentive opens up a whole new universe of mobile content creation, letting you express yourself, communicate and have fun with friends and family in an instant.

Experience a new level of immersion

Segmentive enables you to immerse yourself in a new world, from stepping into the heart of an alternative reality to being transported to an extreme real-world environment.

Get creative on retail mobile devices

Segmentive’s technology is designed to work on single-lens processors, meaning that you don’t need a top of the line mobile device to unleash your creativity.

Replicating human understanding of scene identification

Segmentive’s innovative computer vision and machine learning techniques create near perfect scene understanding. The industry’s most advanced neural network algorithms are designed to identify:

  • Hair and other fine details
  • Bodies, not just faces
  • Body parts
  • Changes in lighting
  • Fast movements
  • New objects

Take a closer look at our technology

User starts recording a video of themselves in any location.

Deep Neural Network (DNN) semantically analyses foreground subject within the camera’s video data stream.

Online learning classifiers learn relevant attributes of the foreground to refine edges down to the finest detail.

User cut from the real world and transported into a digital domain of their choice.

“Segmentive is writing the next chapter in computer vision history by pioneering a completely new approach to mobile video segmentation. Segmentive fuses cutting-edge deep learning techniques with the industry’s most advanced neural network algorithms to unlock new capabilities never seen before on mobile.”

Thomas Schmieder
Co-Founder of Segmentive

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